Three Reasons to Learn Spanish in New York City and the US with our private Spanish classes NYC

Three Reasons to Learn Spanish in New York City and the US

Besides the obvious reasons why anybody should speak at least two languages: improved ability to switch tasks, better cross-cultural communication, enhanced oral and written expression, etc., etc. there are at least 3 specific reasons why you should learn Spanish in Los Estados Unidos de America and more specifically, learn Spanish in New York City.

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Yes, money. The Hispanic buying power is growing exponentially. Hispanics are now very different from previous generations; the median Hispanic age is now 28; that is a huge amount of spending years, they also have advanced use of technology and they are looking to thrive in many different professions and occupations. According to the Census Bureau there were 58.9 million Hispanics in the US in 2017, close to 20% of the population, and it will grow to 72 million by 2030.

Here is one example of how speaking Spanish in the US is an asset for you. If you are a bilingual lawyer in the US, you will be preferred by 42% more legal firms looking to hire new lawyers and administrative staff, with 88% of those firms looking for Spanish-English bilinguals followed by 9% looking for Asian languages. According to the job platform Monster, there are many other industries looking for Hispanic speakers such as public relations, advertising, tech support, and teaching. Other countries like China and Japan that invest in Latin America have a massive demand for Spanish teachers as more and more investors are flying to the new possibilities of Latin American markets.

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La Cultura

One main feature of Hispanics is their desire and love to keep their traditions alive. From food to music to art and lifestyle, Hispanics, as opposed to, for example, immigrant Italians who forbade their children to speak Italian, (I know, they had to), love using Spanish at home, singing their salsa music and cumbias and even new rhythms that combine English and Spanish such as bachata, Spanish rap and Latin pop. In our Spanish language school we take advantage of the numerous opportunities to take our Spanish classes in NYC at different places such as Spanish museums, galleries restaurants, and even Latino neighborhoods.

In addition to wonderful Spain, Latin America history is huge and transcendental. From prehistoric sites and objects all the way from Maya’s Mexico to Incas in Perú to modern painters, writers such as García-Marquez, Isabel Allende, Vargas LLosa, Carlos Fuentes, Pablo Neruda to name just a few. Quieresunavidamásinteresante? Hablaespañol!

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One popular quote by the famous Spanish writer and philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, is
“El fascismo se curaleyendo y el racismo se curaviajando” more or less, “Fascism can be cured by reading and racism can be cured by traveling”.

Although it may have several interpretations, I agree that points of view and false assumptions with respect to other peoples in far places, usually change visitor’s minds when they take the time to talk to natives and make an effort to learn their cultures, beliefs, and styles.

Worldwide traveling has increased a huge 6% in just 3 to 5 years,this number is 7% when considering the travelers going to Latino countries. Most but not all of those travelers are millennials, for whom traveling is a priority, planning to make an average of 5 trips per year.

I was greatly surprised when I visited my native Bogotá a month ago. I was having breakfast at an artisanal gorgeous café and I heard people speaking German, French, and English. This was almost impossible to hear just a few years back.

Most of our students that take Spanish lessons in NYC have visited Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile. They travel looking for entertainment, wildlife, cuisine, music, and arts. And they use Spanish and feel proud of it certainly their vision of a more just, green and enjoyable planet is also a priority.