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Communicating in a Multi-Language World

Communication is key. This phrase has been used often but what does it mean? Communication is the ability to pass information between individuals or a group of people. In this process, a person’s thoughts, intentions and objectives are clearly understood. Communication is achieved only when both the sender and receiver understand the same information. In any situation, personal or business, without two sides communicating effectively, the information can be misinterpreted or lost.

Limitless Advantages to Learning Spanish as a Second Language

Learning a new language opens many doors throughout a person’s life while enhancing their perspective of the world around them. When someone knows a second language they can communicate with a larger variety of people and it also comes in handy when traveling the world. Learning a second language allows a person to immerse themselves into other cultures, learning from a hands-on approach which allows for deeper understanding and appreciation of nations different from their own.

Increase Your Business Value By Learning Spanish

The U.S. economy is boasting strong numbers as we head into the new year. With the economy robust, companies are eager to hire candidates to expand their business and keep up with high demands. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects growth in the occupational therapy field by 40% through 2022. The need for personal financial advisors is predicted to increase by 30% along the same timeline. Biochemical engineers will grow by over 23%. Market research analyst will grow in demand by 19%.

Spanish Classes in NYC
for Corporate Executives & Professionals

Spanish NYC is a one-of-a-kind language school providing the most effective Spanish classes NYC has available. Offering you a unique learning process following a Natural Conversational Approach (NCA), courses are available to individuals and groups needing to learn Spanish. Most clients are corporate executives and their families who need to speak Spanish in cross-cultural business and living situations.


The influence of the English language is as dominant as ever. With technology advancing through smart phones and social media it is easier for non-English speakers to learn many Anglowords. Words like E-mail, Chat, Show, Happy Hour, Man, and Business and of course the words OK and bye now make a fundamental part of our language. Let’s not forget that these words bring culture and identity with them. A great example is the Happy Hour.


I have always wondered who’s got it best. A Latin American who is trying to learn English, Or An American trying to learn Spanish? Often, I hear people debating which language is easier to learn and which is harder. I am not sure if I found the answer to this but I am willing to try. When I arrived in New York City, I was 17 years old. I spoke very little English and had no idea what grammar was. Having said that, my first challenge as an immigrant was not to get a job or start school but rather figure out what these new Yorkers are saying.

Advanced Spanish Lessons in NYC

Advanced-Level Spanish Classes in NYC | Take Your Skills to a Higher Level

Learning advanced Spanish is important for corporate professionals.

Advanced Spanish lessons in New York City for CEOs and corporate professionals are among the signature language-learning programs provided by Spanish NYC. Higher-level fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish is essential when dealing with corporate clients and colleagues abroad. For New York-based businesses, the opportunities in Mexico, Central, and South America are expanding exponentially. If you’re already communicating but need to improve your skills, advanced Spanish classes for individuals and groups provide exactly the tutoring you need. Intermediate and high-level language abilities make the difference between merely participating and leading the conversation.

Classes in Spanish at the advanced level expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar as you would expect, but they also layer in the all-important areas nuance and cultural sensitivity. Things are expressed differently between languages — and each country or region has its specific word uses and ways of speaking. Your instructors at Spanish NYC are well versed in these differences, and they know how to help you pick up details that make your speaking and writing all the more effective and courteous. If you’re in the middle of negotiating a high-stakes corporate project and it is thrown off track over a misunderstanding in communication, thousands and millions of dollars could be lost over something that could be avoided easily.

Speak Spanish at a Higher Level with Greater Confidence and Command

The most effective executives and professionals in the corporate world have highly polished language and interpersonal skills. When business conversations are in Spanish, you need speaking and writing skills that are up to par. Spanish NYC’s advanced classes are specially designed to help people with significant responsibilities become effectively bilingual. If you’ve ever felt stress about dealing with Spanish-speaking clients or felt embarrassed by low-level skills we are ready to help. Our instructors can help you feel more at ease in a  variety of business and social situations — and we can teach Spanish vocabulary that relates well to your specific industry and its needs.

Map of countries speaking Spanish including USAOther vital lessons covered in advanced corporate Spanish language courses deal with the jargon that is associated with specific professions, and even how particular words may change in their use from country to country. For example, the phrase trading desk can be referred to as mesa de dinero, mesa de capitales, or mesa de cambio. Similarly, depending on the country, the Spanish word for expense may be cost, gasto, or estipendio depending on the context and the country as well. These are the sorts of nuances that can affect communication about key topics — and all the more reason advanced Spanish skills are essential for corporate executives working in cross-cultural situations.

We understand that gaining confidence and proficiency is essential to even advanced speakers. Our instructors can critique and advise you to confirm and expand your knowledge. Then you’ll know for sure what you’re saying is not only grammatically correct but also is appropriate for the context and the situation.

Write Emails and Texts in Advanced Spanish for Business Needs

Improving your Spanish writing skills is just as essential for doing business today. With emails and text messaging so commonplace, it is crucial to know how to read and write in Spanish for all your corporate needs. Our tutors create lessons using words similar to those you will encounter in real professional situations. They will cover written business negotiations and presentations, as well as email etiquette and casual asides that might accompany a business discussion. Email roleplay exercises help you read and write in Spanish with better proficiency and comfort.

The conversational style of useful text messaging also often relies on more advanced Spanish writing skills. The immediate nature of these digital communications affords little time to pause and rethink, making fluent writing abilities and appropriate word choices essential. Communicating with understanding and sensitivity in cross-cultural corporate business deals has never been more critical, and you can be sure your competitors are working hard to get ahead with clients in Mexico and Latin America. In New York City, the number of bilingual businesses executives increases each year, and the city’s economic ties with other countries become closer as a result.

Advanced Spanish is Easier with the Natural Conversational Approach

A screenshot of the bilingual Spanish - English interview with Spanish NYCs Luis CardozoThe Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) is a cornerstone of the language teaching methods at Spanish NYC and never is it more effective than it is with our advanced students. Engaging in practice conversations with important business and social vocabulary immediately brings out areas for improvement and more in-depth study. Using the NCA, instructors will lead you into discussions requiring nuance and sensitivity to particular distinctions. Once these are within the conversation, you can go over finer points, make comparisons, and learn to use the best-chosen words to get across precisely the point you want to make.

No matter whether or not you enroll in advanced Spanish lessons as a group or individual, your classes will be informed by your occupation and business sector — and also the country or countries with which you will be doing business. From there, course content will be developed that targets words and grammar you will need to know. Our instructors themselves have business experience in Spanish-speaking countries and can create practice exercises and mock conversations that will be similar to what you encounter in real-world situations. Previous students have given highly favorable ratings to their tutors for the effectiveness of the training and knowledge presented.

If you’re looking to take your fluency in speaking, reading and writing Spanish to a more advanced level, we hope what you’re reading here begins to address the goals you have in mind. If yes, please reach out using our website contact form or call us to discuss your individual or group needs. Once we complete an initial assessment about your current fluency level, we can offer you a program to learn advanced Spanish that best fits your needs, your budget, and available time. Our class schedules are flexible, and we can begin working with you right away!