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“The path to learn a new language is not easy, but SpanishNYC makes sure to successfully accompany us all the way.”

Spanish Classes NYC
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We are a Spanish-language school based in Midtown Manhattan helping you learn to speak Spanish with high-performance courses recommended by world-class leaders.

Unique Spanish Lessons with Our Natural Conversational Approach

You will learn Spanish quickly and effectively with our Natural Conversational Approach (NCA). Your Spanish tutors will follow the NCA method in presenting strategically crafted courses that past attendees have described as fun, intelligent, well-informed. Our sessions genuinely are among the best Spanish Classes NYC has available for individuals and corporate groups.

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The Best Spanish Lessons for VIPs and Corporate Professionals

You can enroll in the most effective Spanish lessons NYC has to offer as an individual or a with a group from your company. If you’ll be learning on your own, private Spanish tutoring is offered at your location for Board Members, CEOs and C-Level Executives who prefer individualized sessions. With so much at stake for your business, the need for quick results is even greater for corporate leaders who need to speak and understand effectively in Spanish. If your corporate operations involve Latin America, being able to speak directly and effectively is an invaluable tool. A Spanish school that is all about you and your business needs is what we offer.

Corporate professionals who are accomplished at speaking in Spanish not only are more effective in their business meetings and negotiations but also they can build the personal relationships essential to overall success. In addition, SpanishNYC leverages its natural conversational approach to teach you how to communicate in the social settings that inevitably accompany business trips and meetings. Individual and group instruction includes best word choices and nuance. You will be gracious and tactful in your communications in order to develop good relationships and represent your company and its interests most successfully.

Learn and Understand Spanish
at Your Own Pace

Private Spanish classes in NYC with a personalized one on one conversational approach to learning the Spanish language. Classes in Spanish for executives and business people in Manhattan.

Private Tutoring

Private sessions with a Spanish tutor are the most applauded by our students. Each session lasts 90 minutes and provides the optimal format to get the most out of the Natural Conversational Approach.

Spanish classes in NYC for corporations and business people traveling to Spain or Latin America

Corporate Classes

Spanish classes will help your team succeed when your company is opening new markets in Latin America or appealing to cross-cultural audiences. Your courses will be tailored to your unique needs.

Spanish language classes in NYC for entrepreneurs looking to do business in Latin America.

Lessons for Families

Learning Spanish together as a family can be important when a corporate job takes you outside the country to live. Children, adults, and teens can learn together in supportive whole-family group sessions.

Learn to Speak Spanish Your Way

You will learn to speak Spanish using the Natural Conversational Approach as you build a good relationship with your instructor. As educators, we will work to understand your individual goals and adjust to your learning style in ways that improve your individual or group experience.

At SpanishNYC we are all about you.

Our tutors will design your personal Spanish lessons to help advance and expand your communications skills both when listening and speaking. If you choose private instruction, it will include practical vocabulary and development of comprehension ability you need to communicate effectively in cross-cultural corporate settings. You’ll pick up Spanish quickly and more efficiently, and in a way that suits your needs.

And your community.

You will join a growing community of corporate learners and their families who have developed fluent Spanish language skills that have become invaluable assets in a variety of corporate and personal settings. The Natural Conversations Approach (NCA) facilitates a free-flow of vocabulary and language that increases naturally over time. Much experience has proven that it is an effective method for quick language acquisition by many learners. You will set your own pace and be led easily and in an enjoyable way by your instructors.

Why Do We Have the Most Effective Spanish Classes NYC Has Available?

Individuals or groups of 3 to 6 maximum

Customized vocabulary and Spanish lessons

Natural Conversational Approach to Learning

Realistic goals and consistent results

Use of current technology to support learning

Classes where YOU practice speaking Spanish

SpanishNYC is a unique language school providing Spanish lessons in New York City. Let our instructors show you how we are the most effective way to learn SpanishNYC has available. Our Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) makes taking Spanish language classes easy and enjoyable. We offer personalized instruction for individuals and corporate groups needing to read, write and speak Spanish. Our instructors listen carefully to your goals and needs before designing a personalized program specifically for you. It’s convenient to study with us because we are located in Midtown Manhattan and offer flexible class schedules. Few Spanish teachers can match our success rate and our students reach their goals consistently and with success. Call or email us today to find out how we can help you!

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