Online Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish Lessons are Available Immediately

No matter where you are, we can teach you to speak Spanish starting immediately. Our online Spanish lessons are available now and are as practical as attending class in person. Also, if you are not in New York City and would like to learn with SpanishNYC, individual Spanish classes online are an ideal solution. You’ll start right away, work with the same expert instructors, and learn through our highly effective Natural Conversational Approach (NCA). Our SpanishNYC students are impressed by the progress they’ve made online and enjoy working with us. Enroll today to see for yourself.

Private online Spanish classes are an excellent option for anyone who wants to learn immediately – and are often well-suited to corporate executives and groups. If you know you need to learn Spanish, start now with online classes that are convenient and a time saver. You can select a class time that works best with your schedule and study uninterrupted when you travel. There’s also no time lost going to and from class; you can put all of your time into learning and practicing. Very few online Spanish schools can match the caliber of SpanishNYC, and we build each class around your individual needs.

What Makes Learning Online with SpanishNYC Different?

You’ll learn more effectively with our Natural Conversational Approach, whether your Spanish classes are online or in-person. Our teaching methods produce better results than old fashioned textbooks, and our students have a more enjoyable experience. Also, because our lessons are for individuals and small groups, vocabulary words and class content are customized for each person or group. Our instructors will begin speaking Spanish with you immediately so that every minute you spend with us is productive. Your class time online will include content you need and time to practice your Spanish.

Taking online Spanish lessons NYC has never been easier.

When Spanish language learning takes place through natural conversations geared to your interests and needs, it has a much higher success rate. It also means the vocabulary will be of interest to you and likely to be used quickly in your job or travels. For people trying to find the best way to learn Spanish online, we know the Natural Conversational Approach is an ideal solution. We’ve seen it work with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. No matter what your reason is for learning, we can make the process go more smoothly and be more productive. You’ll enjoy learning Spanish with us.

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The Best Spanish Lessons for VIPs and Corporate Professionals

You can enroll in the most effective private Spanish lessons NYC has to offer as an individual or with a group from your company. If you’ll be learning on your own, private Spanish tutoring is offered at your location for Board Members, CEOs and C-Level Executives who prefer individualized sessions. With so much at stake for your business, the need for quick results is even greater for corporate leaders who need to speak and understand effectively in Spanish. If your corporate operations involve Latin America, being able to speak directly and effectively is an invaluable tool. A Spanish school that is all about you and your business needs is what we offer.

Corporate professionals who are accomplished at speaking in Spanish not only are more effective in their business meetings and negotiations but also they can build the personal relationships essential to overall success. In addition, SpanishNYC leverages its natural conversational approach to teach you how to communicate in the social settings that inevitably accompany business trips and meetings. Individual and group instruction includes best word choices and nuance. You will be gracious and tactful in your communications in order to develop good relationships and represent your company and its interests most successfully.

What are the Best Reasons to Take Spanish Lessons Online?

Immediacy & Convenience

You can enroll and begin your lessons right away, and from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


You’ll learn with SpanishNYC’s proven effective methods the same way you would in-person.


your lessons can continue uninterrupted no matter where you are or what you’re doing, even when you’re on a business trip.

Time efficiency

No time lost traveling to and from your Spanish classes.

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