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The New York Times In depth interview with Luis Cardozo, Director of SpanishNYC

Michael R. Bloomberg and his Spanish tutor, Luis Cardozo, at a lesson in City Hall. “I can see myself making a lot of progress” Mr. Bloomberg says.

Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg learnt Espanole at SpanishNYC
The New York Times
SpanishNYC get together with Michael Bloomberg

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has been unusually reflective lately as he prepares to leave office after 12 years, offered a parting thought on Friday to some of his critics —

Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaking Spanish after lessons by SpanishNYC
Michael Bloomberg on learning Spanish

“I’m gonna get there. I don’t have any doubts about that” he proclaimed.

President and owner of SpanishNYC, Luis Cardoso, founder of SpanishNYC, a Spanish language school in Midtown Manhattan.
Univision Interview with Luis Cardozo, Director of SpanishNYC

Univision – interview with the Spanish tutor of Michael Bloomberg.