Opening his doors in 2001, Luis Cardozo began teaching students how to master Spanish quickly & effectively by with his Natural Conversational Approach to teaching custom Spanish classes in NYC.

Communicating in a Multi-Language World

Communication is key. This phrase has been used often but what does it mean? Communication is the ability to pass information between individuals or a group of people. In this process, a person’s thoughts, intentions and objectives are clearly understood. Communication is achieved only when both the sender and receiver understand the same information. In any situation, personal or business, without two sides communicating effectively, the information can be misinterpreted or lost. Read more

Spanish lessions for corporate employees travelling to do bisiness in Latin America and Spain

Limitless Advantages to Learning Spanish as a Second Language

Learning a new language opens many doors throughout a person’s life while enhancing their perspective of the world around them. When someone knows a second language they can communicate with a larger variety of people and it also comes in handy when traveling the world. Learning a second language allows a person to immerse themselves into other cultures, learning from a hands-on approach which allows for deeper understanding and appreciation of nations different from their own. Read more

Spanish lessons in NYC. Friends talking in cafe in New York, NY, speaking Spanish

Increase Your Business Value By Learning Spanish

The U.S. economy is boasting strong numbers as we head into the new year. With the economy robust, companies are eager to hire candidates to expand their business and keep up with high demands. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects growth in the occupational therapy field by 40% through 2022. The need for personal financial advisors is predicted to increase by 30% along the same timeline. Biochemical engineers will grow by over 23%. Market research analyst will grow in demand by 19%. Read more

Map of countries speaking Spanish including USA

Spanish speaking countries in the world by population

In the 2006 census, 44.3 million people of the U.S. population were of Hispanic heritage; 34 million people, 12.2 per cent, of the population older than 5 years speak Spanish at home. Read more

Ellen Bialystok with a neuroimaging electrode cap. Photo: Chris Young for The New York Times

The Bilingual Advantage by Ellen Bialystok – The New York Times

From The New York Times, the Bilingual Advantage. Ellen saw that there was a big difference in the way monolingual and bilingual children processed language.

Q. How did you begin studying bilingualism? Read more