Private Spanish lessons NYC. A slow pronunciation and a special attention to syllables

Three Reasons Why Most of Our Students Prefer Private Lessons at SpanishNYC

Private Spanish Lessons are Always Better; Here’s Why

Besides the obvious reason that a private student gets 100% of the instructor’s attention, the following are three reasons why our students prefer private Spanish lessons in our NYC school.

1 – They feel more at ease

It is true that group lessons in Spanish, 3 to 6 students, are still very effective and they may be very fun when the instructor is good at using group activities such as games, role-playing, music, presentations, etc. But what may be fun and productive for some, may be somewhat overwhelming for others. Some students prefer not to have their mistakes corrected in front of the class, or to be in the spot as they struggle to use the correct word with the right pronunciation and at the right place in a sentence. Other students prefer to hear only native Spanish from a native speaker and not mispronunciation or wrong sentences from their classmates. Also, it is not uncommon that one student in a group loves talking and participating more than the rest of the group; that, for some may mean less opportunity to speak and therefore be corrected. Many times I begin the private lesson by asking my student, “bueno, dime quéquierespracticar hoy, qué no estásuficientementeclaro o quieresmejorar.” – “ok tell me what you want to practice today, what is not clear enough or you want to improve.”

2 – The way someone else learns may not be the way you learn

One student hears a new word in Spanish and he can repeat it instantly as if they were native speakers, while another one may never be able to repeat the same word correctly. One may understand the logic of a Spanish sentence construction right away while others may need translation and deep grammatical explanations. One student needs to see the Spanish words written at all times so he or she can remember and pronounce them more easily, another student prefers using their new language a lot in class not minding their mistakes, meanwhile, Spanish perfectionists may find his conversation a language slaughter. One on one conversations may take a more intimate spin because it is possible to use and discuss more personal, real-life situations; this allows the immediate application of the new language which is the main goal of learning it. The relationship instructor-student in private Spanish classes brings in more confidence between the two, providing a more relaxed class environment and of course the opportunity for the instructor to identify and use the strategies that work for the progress of that particular student.

3 – It’s their schedule, not the school’s schedule

This is definitely a great advantage with private Spanish lessons in general. Group lessons are determined either by the school or a group of students; when one student in the group cannot make it, he misses that particular lesson. When you are a student taking private Spanish classes at SpanishNYC you can cancel and reschedule as many times as you want, literally. What it means, is that you will not miss any class topic and your investment will be more productive. Most of our students live and work in New York City where everybody is running from one task to the next, trying to squeeze their own personal projects in the work and family time, so the ability to reschedule your online Spanish lessons and not having to miss lessons is great news for you and your investment.