A picture of a pasture in upstate new york after a thunderstorm with a rainbow in the sky, this image is used to teach about the weather in Spanish language instruction NYC

Weather Proverbs In Spanish

Proverbs About the Weather in Spanish. We did it New York! We finally made it through the poor weather.  The temperature is rising up and we are starting to dress down. Finally, we can say short shorts and long socks don’t match anymore and jackets can stay home with boots and coats. Read more

A photo of a field of flowers in Spain during Spring bloom

The Spanish Speaking World Celebrates Lent

Enough Lent for the Season

We are reaching that time of the year where the Sun is fighting to stay out and you start to feel the change in the air; that smell of nature, the smell of trees, grass and blooming flowers. We are reaching the time where the day is longer and the great City of New York finds more excuses to stay out with him, the sun. Luckily, we are also grasping the end of Lent, that period before Easter that, in the Christian Church, is the commemoration of Christ’s fasting in the wilderness during forty days. Read more

Soupa de albridigas

Sopa de albóndigas, a great Mexican recipe

It’s great to learn about a real authentic traditional recipe, especially when it comes  from one of our students and written in Spanish

We feel so grateful! Jacob´s grandmother passed it to his father and now to him who made it recently and gave us the instructions to prepare this amazing dish. Read more

meaning of ojala in spanish

Expressing wishes in Spanish with “Ojala”

Ojalá is a Spanish word meaning  “If only…” “God grant!” or “I hope so!”. It has its roots in the Arabic word “Inshallah!” which means “God grant!” or “God willing!”, and which entered both Spanish and Persian languages following the spread of the Arab empire to the East and the West. Read more

learn basic spanish phrases

These basic Spanish words and phrases will help you in many real life situations.

This page contains useful Spanish phrases, expressions and words for everyday life conversations. Spanish greetings, and survival phrases that will help you if you simply want to know what to say when being introduced or chatting in Spanish! Read more

How to speak Spanish for the Table

Spanish vocabulary to use at the restaurant table

When you’re eating out at a Spanish-speaking restaurant, knowing some basic Spanish vocabulary can make the ordering process easier and fun. Here is a list of essential words and expressions. Read more

learn Spanish in NYC - Spanish vocabulary - Siesta.

What is the origin of the “siesta” and why is beneficial for you

A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm. Read more

learn fashion vocabulary in spanish

Learn women’s fashion vocab in Spanish

It’s Fashion Week in New York, La Semana de la Moda en Nueva York and we’d like to do a post on learning Spanish vocabulary for fashionable items. These are a few complements for women that you will use for sure when attending an event or meeting: Read more

A man standing in the snow in New York City

The weather in Spanish

In Spanish you ask about the weather by saying:

¿Qué tiempo hace? What’s the weather like?

“Hace” literally means “does” so we are actually asking what is what the weather does. That’s why we say: Read more

Spanish lessons in NYC. Friends talking in cafe in New York, NY, speaking Spanish

Filler words in Spanish

Conversation is the best way to learn Spanish because help you express yourself in any given situation, it’s real life. Every language has some fillers, which may be a sound or a word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others that he/she has paused to think but has not yet finished speaking. Let’s go over a list of the most common and useful starters and filler words, commonly known in Spanish as “muletillas”: Read more