Three Reasons to Learn Spanish in New York City and the US with our private Spanish classes NYC

Three Reasons to Learn Spanish in New York City and the US

Besides the obvious reasons why anybody should speak at least two languages: improved ability to switch tasks, better cross-cultural communication, enhanced oral and written expression, etc., etc. there are at least 3 specific reasons why you should learn Spanish in Los Estados Unidos de America and more specifically, learn Spanish in New York City. Read more

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The Wall / La Muralla (Listening Exercise)

It is the name of one of Pink Floyd´s most popular albums. In Spanish, we usually say “Pared” or “Muro” to translate“Wall”, but we also use “Muralla” for certain cases; like The Great Wall of China, which is translated “La Gran Muralla China”. This word (muralla) is mostly related to forts, castles and any wall […]

Map of countries speaking Spanish including USA

Spanish speaking countries in the world by population

In the 2006 census, 44.3 million people of the U.S. population were of Hispanic heritage; 34 million people, 12.2 per cent, of the population older than 5 years speak Spanish at home. Read more

Spanish in the US. Learn Spanish and know the market

Tips For Marketers Tapping Into U.S. Hispanic Market

The Latin market in the United States has become an essential component for a brand’s growth. In the last few years, the purchasing power of the Latin community has substantially increased, making the community appealing for any brand that is looking to tap into a great resource. Read more