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Our instructors employ the proven methods of a high-performance Spanish language school.

Spanish NYC is a one-of-a-kind language school providing the most effective private Spanish classes NYC has available. Offering you a unique learning process following a Natural Conversational Approach (NCA), courses are available to individuals and groups needing to learn Spanish. Most clients are corporate executives and their families who need to speak Spanish in cross-cultural business and living situations.
If you’re doing business with Spanish-speaking customers and colleagues, SpanishNYC can help you quickly learn valuable language skills to communicate clearly and intelligently.
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Spanish Classes for Individuals and Groups that are Customized and Highly Effective

First and most importantly, the best results come from a language-learning program that is unique and customized. Spanish NYC is well known for enjoyable classes following a Natural Conversational Approach. Sessions are tailored to each group or individual and their specific needs. Everything flows in a logical progression and builds on initial successes. The atmosphere is serious and well-informed but also polite and nurturing. Learning curves vary naturally depending on each person involved, and everything is presented in a way that maximizes the efficient use of everyone’s time.

Highly effective language learning has an underlying rhythm and cadence that is skillfully established by the most experienced and attuned instructors. Picking up the Spanish language will flow easily and naturally when content and lessons are presented in a well-planned manner that is adjusted continually as each person and group’s skills and competencies are developed. It also is a dynamic process allowing for an open and free flow of questions and ideas that enrich the experience for everyone involved.

Spanish NYC Instructors are Known for:
• Friendly, calming and patient personalities
• College educated, worldly and well traveled
• Practical understanding of cultural differences
• Excellent command of grammar and pronunciation
• Passion for teaching Spanish as a second language to adults
• Professional experience in corporate and business culture

Our Highly Effective Teaching Methods Help You Pick Up Spanish Vocabulary Quickly

Our private Spanish lessons are taught a gentle, reinforcing and rewarding approach. All our instructors have themselves had the experience of learning a second language, so they understand how you may sometimes feel rushed or nervous. We begin by building confidence in our students, leading them step-by-step to an ever-increasing level of proficiency and mastery of Spanish speaking.

We always say: “Learning Must Be Fun” because when it comes to learning languages, this approach works. Enjoyment and sense of accomplishment are powerful motivation tools that we show you how to put to use in your Spanish language skill development. Consistency, reinforcement, and revelation will lead you step-by-step toward learning by doing.

For more than 15 years Spanish NYC has been providing corporate learners and their families with top Spanish language instruction that is relevant to their business needs and goals. The key to success is a Natural Conversations Approach (NCA) to all lessons and classes. The NCA allows a free-flow of words and language that builds naturally over time. Experience has shown it is by far the most effective method for rapid language acquisition by most learners. It also easily can be tailored to specific needs and corporate business situations, meaning it conserves time and effort by zeroing in on what matters most to each individual and group.

Also, if speaking in public or to media is your goal, we teach you techniques to communicate effectively in Spanish with your audience, paying particular attention to the nuances of different countries and cultures. Through interactive and challenging exercises, you can learn how to better speak with clients, customers, and international partners. All important aspects of your communication skills will be developed simultaneously to make certain you as just as effective whether speaking or listening. Each Spanish skill-set will be uniquely designed for you and your corporate, business, and personal needs.

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Different individuals and groups need practical and unique Spanish lessons that hone in our specific goals. Our private tutors will custom design your lessons to help develop and advance your communications skills both speaking and listening. Private courses provide you with the practical vocabulary and comprehension abilities you need to succeed in cross-cultural corporate business settings. You’ll learn Spanish faster and more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of language courses at any college in New York City.

Many New Yorkers doing business in Spanish have learned with us, and our list of successful and satisfied students grows longer every week. Nearly all have commented to us about the value they found on the NCA method – the Natural Conversational Approach to learning Spanish. It provides a basis for gaining understanding and vocabulary continuously, even after classes with us are completed. It is a lifelong tool that you will use again and again as you gain proficiency and a sure-footed command of the Spanish language.

From the Former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, to top corporate executives and VIPs in journalism, advertising, banking, and television, to health and legal professionals, SpanishNYC has a proven track record for success. We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Learn Spanish Easily with the Natural Conversational Approach

Multi-Media Course Materials are Carefully Selected and Tailored to Your Needs

All with a goal of helping you achieve conversational fluency on Spanish, our class materials take many forms. They include online lessons and tutorials, books, and also international press, television, cinema, professional publications, and white papers. All of these have specific reasons for their inclusion and work together as part of an easy-to-follow comprehensive program to expose you to many forms of written and spoken Spanish. If you’re already attempting to read in Spanish, our tutors audit your progress and make certain your comprehension meets your current and future needs.

The inclusion of real-world materials such as media, advertising and film has specific intent and will help you not only understand more of what you see and read but also begin to pick up nuances and subtle differences that help you gain a greater understanding. Our goal is to make sure that you communicate effectively and successfully with tact, respectfulness and consistent ability,

Why the Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) to Learning Spanish Matters So Much

The NCA is a proven and highly successful method which consists of offering lessons and techniques geared to each student’s needs and likes. As our proprietary approach to teaching Spanish, NCA is a combination of principles, methods, and experience in teaching that is based on the assumption that having fun and being interested in what one is learning, is the best way to learn more effectively. We know that everyone learns differently and we also understand how your unique circumstance needs our expertise to turn every lesson a real goal-achieving experience.

If you’re ready to begin learning Spanish quickly and effectively, contact us for an initial consultation today. We will discuss where and what level your Spanish is at this point, then, together, we will design a program that best fits your needs, budget, and available. We have helped many corporate professionals like you. For more than 15 years, we have provided our students with new, extraordinarily successful business language skills. We look forward to meeting you!