The numbers in Spanish

You probably know already how to count from 1 to 10 in Spanish right? Do you want to learn how to count beyond 10 = Diez, or 20 = Veinte?

Here is a tip:

If you know 3 (Tres) it’s easy to guess 30 = Treinta

If you know 4 (Cuatro) then it’s easy to guess 40 = Cuarenta

5 (Cinco),  50 = Cincuenta

6 (Seis), 60 = Sesenta

7 (Siete),  70 = Setenta

8 (Ocho),  80 = Ochenta

9 (Nueve),  90 = Noventa

For anything in between you would use the big number and the small together. For example: 45 = Cuarenta y Cinco.

Tengo que pagar mi cena en el restaurante. El precio es Treinta y Cinco dólares ($35) y voy a darles una propina de Diez dólares ($10). El total es Cuarenta y Cinco dólares ($45). ¡Todo estaba delicioso!

I need to pay my dinner at the restaurant. The price is Thirty Five dollars($35) and I’m going to give them a Ten dollar tip ($10).

The total is Forty Five dollars ($45). Everything was delicious!