Learning Spanish with the NCA: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

The Natural Conversational Approach – or NCA – used by SpanishNYC is the result of more than five years of research in language education and more than 25 years’ teaching experience. It allows our students to achieve amazing results in a very short time.

Conversations matter with the Natural Conversation Approach

Conversations matter with the Natural Conversation Approach

The NCA was conceived and designed by the director of SpanishNYC, Luis Cardozo, with you, the individual learner, in mind. The NCA is totally focused on your specific background, based on the idea that everyone has unique talents, interests, strengths and challenges. The principles and techniques of the NCA allow us to intuit your needs, keep you motivated and insure that your instruction is effective.

Using the NCA, our students speak, write and read Spanish quickly and efficiently — and most importantly, they enjoy the whole process. Remember, it’s all about you. By using the NCA, our instructors seem to read your mind and even your mood, allowing you to absorb Spanish consciously and unconsciously, just as you did when you learned your native language.

With the NCA, you hear and understand Spanish from the first moment, whatever your level is. We create a relaxed practicing environment, where learning takes place easily and pleasurably. You, the student, dictate how we should adapt to YOUR way of learning, day by day. And since every day is different, every lesson is too.

We use The Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) to learn Spanish. Our interactive method of teaching emphasizes learning through practice in a lively interchange based on real-life situations. Our teachers create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere that breaks down barriers to learning and helps you make rapid progress. Each program is tailored to meet the objectives of the student or group of students. We emphasize real life situations and the vocabulary you will need in order to meet and respond to these situations successfully. Teaching materials include textbooks, newspapers, novels, tapes and videos, but the foundation of our work together is the lively interchange and dynamic relationship between teacher and student. In addition to your regular class you may want to participate in an evening of Spanish food and conversation, a yoga class taught in Spanish or various cultural or study trips abroad…