Learn Spanish with traditional songs

Cancion Mixteca – Learn Spanish with traditional songs

Canción Mixteca is a Mexican folk song written by  composer José López Alavez. Lopez Alavez wrote the melody of the song in 1912. He later added the composed the lyrics in 1915. Lopez Alavez composed it originally about Lopez Alavez’s feelings of homesickness for his home region of Oaxaca after moving to Mexico City. In modern times, the song has become an anthem both for the region of Oaxaca and Mexican citizens living abroad who miss their homeland. Read more

Set your target for learning a new language

How many words do you need to learn a language?

    1. 250 words constitute the essential core of a language, those without which you cannot construct any sentence.
    2. 750 words constitute those that are used every single day by every person who speaks the language.

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Learning Spanish with the NCA: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

The Natural Conversational Approach – or NCA – used by SpanishNYC is the result of more than five years of research in language education and more than 25 years’ teaching experience. It allows our students to achieve amazing results in a very short time. Read more