Spanish NYC Video: Under the Influence – En Espanol

Languages are the Ultimate Barrier Wrecker. You walk down the street and the music mixes with the crowd around; people from all over the world in a limitless wave that comes and goes. The whole world is before your eyes and brings with it the freedom of the four winds. You don´t have to know it perfectly, but you can effectively communicate with every single person you run into. Language is the ultimate barrier wrecker and you have the power to conquer whatever it is that you commit to.

An interview with the director of SpanishNYC's Spanish instruction school in New York City, Luis CardozoThink yourself as one of the fortunate who are able to walk on the streets of New York City and share the million of stories that everyone brings. Either it’s seeking fortune, fun or love, everybody has a fascinating story to tell and, in one way or another, you are part of his or her exciting adventure. Our director, for instance, came to NYC 18 years ago and brought with him ideas, courage, dreams and good attitude. Of course, he wasn’t alone; with him were his people skills and knowledge of English, and dressed with his best smile, he opened the gates to the freedom of doing what he always wanted to do, build his own business.

A screenshot of the bilingual Spanish - English interview with Spanish NYCs Luis Cardozo

Imagine living in China without knowing Chinese”, he says referring to the importance of knowing the language of the country you live in. And “around 180 languages are spoken in NYC schools…” well, we are not saying that you should speak 100 of those languages, but for sure Spanish is a good way to open some of the gates to your own adventure.

Check the following video and discover more of our director´s ride to success in this interview with his son Orlando Cardozo – Under the Influence “En Español”.