Reflexive verbs in Spanish

We use reflexive verbs in Spanish when a person is also the object of the action.

spanish expressions to use in the showerExamples of reflexive verbs are:

Levantarse (To wake up)

Lavarse (To wash – yourself)

Prepararse (To get -yourself- ready)


We use reflexive to differentiate between passive and active actions. For example:

Me lavo = I wash (myself)

Different to non reflexive action: Lavo el coche = I wash the car


How to use them?

It is very simple, just need to conjugate the verb as a regular verb. For example: Lavar (Lavo, lavas, lava, lavamos, lavais, lavan) and add the reflexive pronouns like in the example below:

Me lavo = I wash

Te lavas = You wash (yourself)

Se lava = He/She/It washes (itself)

Nos lavamos = We wash (ourselves)

Os lavais = You wash (yourselves)

Se lavan = They wash (themselves)