Learn Spanish through conversation. The NCA

Learning a new language like Spanish is an ability, a skill: it has to do with learning certain processes that, when activated by our words, can open the doors of communication. Most of our so called basic instincts are result of unconscious learning.

When we are kids most of our learning processes are unconscious but they don’t have the attitude to use their learning consciously. Adults have the use of conscious decisions which can be an added advantage, but the eventual success of a learning experience is not essentially different: it’s a matter of repetition, mimic, and practice and it’s basically a matter of HAVING FUN!  Our method, the Natural Conversational Approach is based on this philosophy.

Conversation helps learn Spanish to busy professionals and executivesWhat do we usually mean by having fun? (talking to friends, listening to music, sharing experiences…) Well, this could be also used in our classes, why not? Language is culture and there is no better way to learn about culture than to enjoy it.

On the other hand, executives and busy professionals of New York have  a limited amount of time. We need to make the best of it while at the same time enjoy the process. A class can be a great opportunity to relax and enjoy while you develop an ability: Speaking a new language!