“Caminar, andar, pasear” To walk in Spanish

Three verbs for the same action? Here’s a tip to learn when to use them.

When you say “CAMINAR” you are speaking about walking with a purpose (normally for pleasure but also to think, to evade from any problem, to do exercise, etc.).learn_spanish_for_travel
“ANDAR” is just walking.

And “PASEAR” is for pleasure only.

All verbs are regular in the present tense.

¡Hola amigos! Hoy voy a pasear por las calles de Paris. Me encanta andar. Quiero caminar todo el día y por la noche voy a cenar con amigos. ¿Les gustaría cenar con nosotros?

Hello friends! Today I’m going to walk on the streets of Paris. I love to walk. I want to walk all day and at night I’m going to have dinner with friends. Would you like to have dinner with us?