The history of the Cuba Libre

The story goes that during the Spanish-American War, a group of off-duty U.S. soldiers got together for some drinks in a bar in Old Havana. A captain came in and ordered rum and cola on ice with lime. He liked it so much that he got the interest of the soldiers, who ordered another round and toasted “Por Cuba Libre!” in celebration of Cuba’s newfound freedom.

the story of the cuba libre cocktail

Technically, the Cuba Libre is a rum and Coke. There are a few schools of thought on what kind of rum to use. It depends on whether you like the smooth flavor of light rum or the more pronounced taste of darker rum. Many drinkers prefer light rum since it mixes more easily. A dark, full-bodied rum is usually served on its own and has more of an acquired taste in a mixed drink.

1 part rum
3 parts cola
Squeeze of lime

Stir well and enjoy your Cuba Libre!