Spanish vocabulary to use at the restaurant table

When you’re eating out at a Spanish-speaking restaurant, knowing some basic Spanish vocabulary can make the ordering process easier and fun. Here is a list of essential words and expressions.

How to speak Spanish for the Tablebread el pan
butter la mantequilla
cup la taza
dessert el postre
fish el pescado
fork el tenedor
glass (tumbler) el vaso
(wine glass) la copa
knife el cuchillo
main course el plato principal
meat la carne
menu la carta
pepper (spice) la pimienta
plate el plato
salad la ensalada
salt la sal
soup la sopa
spoon la cuchara
starter la entrada
table la mesa
another …, please otro/otra …, por favor
waiter! ¡señor!
waitress! ¡señorita!
could I have the bill, please? me trae la cuenta, por favor

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