How to speak about future events in Spanish

To form the simple future tense with regular verbs in Spanish, simply add the correct ending to the infinitive of the verb. learn Spanish in NYC- Use future tenses

Simple Future Endings:

é, ás, á, emos, éis, án

Conjugation Examples – All verb conjugations (-ar, -er, and -ir) have the same endings for the simple future tense:

viajar (to travel)
conocer (to meet)
vivir (to live)
yo (I)
viajaré  (I will travel)
conoceré (I will meet)
viviré (I will live)
tú (You)
viajarás  (You will travel)
conocerás (You will meet)
vivirás (You will live)
usted, él, ella (You formal, he, she)
conocerá vivi
nosotros (we)
viajaremos conoceremos viviriremos
vosotros (You guys)
viajaréis conoceréis viviriréis
ustedes, ellos, ellas (you guys formal, they boys, they girls)
viajarán conocerán vivirirán


Below you will find a table including irregular stem changing verbs:

irregular Spanish verbs in the future tense