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The Natural Conversational Approach – or NCA – used by SpanishNYC is the result of more than five years of research in language education and more than 25 years’ teaching experience. It allows our students to achieve amazing results in a very short time. Read more

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Univision Interviews Luis Cardozo

From Univision

Mayor Blookberg at home getting tutored in Spanish

Shaping a Mayor’s Spanish, Not His Ideas (The New York Times)

Published: August 4, 2008

Read it at the NYTimes

The men sat at opposite ends of a coffee table speckled with a half-dozen books — on the history of New York’s municipal lawyers, on the subway system’s rich architecture. Their legs stretched out, left foot resting on the right, they were mirror images of disparate worlds: the tutor, an immigrant from Colombia, with his student, the mayor of New York, face to face for 90 minutes in an elegant chamber at City Hall. Read more

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¿“Tu” or “usted” in Spanish?

When do we use “tu” or “usted” in Spanish?

In Spanish we use “tu” (INFORMAL “you”) only for people you know well, colleagues or friends and between young people. It is always better to use “Usted” (FORMAL “you”) for clients, professors, elderly people and strangers.

A graphic of the financial markets

Vocabulario financiero – Financial vocabulary

Stock market – Mercado de valores / Bolsa de valores

Stocks – Las acciones Read more

Tip of the week: the days of the week in Spanish.

Days of the week in Spanish are easier to remember because they are related to planets like some English days (Monday – Moon): Read more

interrogative pronouns in Spanish

The verb “Tener”- “To have” in Spanish

Learn how to use the verb “Tener”, “To have” in Spanish. In 6 minutes you will be able to use it in conversation. Read more