I Want Private Lessons

In our private sessions you will enjoy focused attention and interaction in a comfortable setting.

Our professional, knowledgeable and personable teachers identify your specific goals, your background in languages, your natural strengths and weaknesses to develop the best program for you. The basis of our method is rooted in the understanding of you as an individual. That’s why we combine the best instructors and class setting to make your learning enjoyable and effective.

Your private lessons in Spanish will follow a natural, reinforcing and progressive approach

Each of our instructors has personally experienced learning a second language. Therefore, they have an understanding of how you may feel as the learner. Course work begins by instilling confidence in you as the student about your progress and mastery of increasing vocabulary. It will lead you step-by-step as your proficiency and comfort-level grow to the extent of proficient Spanish speaking and understanding.

When it comes to picking up languages our mantra is “Learning must be fun.” It is an approach that works and leads to faster progress in developing speaking and understanding skills. It is important to be part of a Spanish school that has a sense of community – extending all the way to the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment you will feel as your skills develop. A learning-by-doing approach that is consistent, well-planned and personalized will make your private Spanish lessons enjoyable and productive.

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