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Expand your children’s world through Spanish.

The Index of Human Development ranks Spanish as the second most important language in the world, with more people speaking it at home in the US than in Spain. We will take real family dynamics and tutor your children to ensure their mastery over the Spanish language and its many cultures.

Your children will benefit from a language-learning program that is custom tailored to their needs

SpanishNYC is highly regarded for enjoyable classes and its specialized Natural Conversational Approach. The sessions will be structured to your children’s needs. Lessons will flow in a strategic progression and continuously enhance initial successes. The learning atmosphere is well-informed but also polite and appropriate for all age levels. Learning curves will vary naturally, and everything will be presented in a way that maximizes its potential value.

You will notice that effective language learning has a natural rhythm and cadence that is quickly established by your children’s tutor. Picking up the Spanish language will come with less effort and will feel natural as content and lessons are presented in an organized manner. It will be adjusted continually as your children’s language skills and competencies begin to grow. It also is a give-and-take process allowing for questions and spontaneous ideas that enrich the experience for teens and children alike.

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