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Your workforce will learn quickly, enjoy the process and, in turn, help your company grow.

If your company is opening new markets in Spanish-speaking emerging economies, we will craft the best program to help your team achieve your goals. From placement tests, to group assemblage, to students performance report; our program will contribute to a successful business through a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking world.

Each group needs custom tailored classes in Spanish that address specific goals

Our instructors will individually design each lesson to ensure the development and advancement of each person’s communication skills both listening/understanding and speaking. Private courses include attention to vocabulary and comprehension as the group, and each individual’s skills develop. It means you’ll pick up Spanish more quickly and efficiently, and at much less than the cost of language courses at a New York City college.

Many people who have corporate projects that need to be in Spanish already have worked with us, and the roster of successful and productive students grows longer continuously. Almost all have become strong supporters of the NCA method – the Natural Conversational Approach – which helped them more easily learn Spanish. It provides a framework for developing understanding and vocabulary, continuing even after your courses with us are completed. It will be a method that you will use time and again as you increase your proficiency in the Spanish language.

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