When the socio political crisis in Colombia forced the founder of SpanishNYC, Luis Cardozo, to leave his home country in 1999, his two main assets to start a new life in NYC were a law degree and his passion for languages.

Luis saw that in NYC, even with several Spanish schools and native Spanish speakers, students still thought that learning this language was a difficult skill to achieve; so, he decided to create SpanishNYC, applying the method he had created, the Natural Conversational Approach, also focusing on the needs and desires of business and families. Today, SpanishNYC continues his successful mission to help students from all ages achieve their Spanish goals. And, the Law degree? Well, who needs another lawyer when tapas, mojitos and salsa and excellent students are so much fun!

The Method

We empower our students to take real-life action over the Spanish language.

From day one, you are empowered to take real life action over the Spanish Language. Your lessons are crafted by exploring real life situations, using co-operative learning, role playing, multimedia and field trips to build the path that works best for you.

Meet The Director

Through a new language, he says, “we become more accepting of others, of their different ways of seeing the world, and our minds expand to become more human”.

Luis Cardozo is a successful language instructor of executives and busy professionals, and has more than 25 years of experience teaching Spanish. In 2001 he launched SpanishNYC, offering customized instruction and translation services.

From The Director’s Desk

If the world is now a global hamlet, we must strive to improve a better understanding of its neighbors. We do that through the exciting mysteries of a new language.

Luis Cardozo