What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish in NYC?

Hint: Not from an App or a Course Online

You want to find the best and most effective private Spanish classes NYC has to offer when you need to learn Spanish effectively for a personal or business reason. At SpanishNYC, we provide private Spanish lessons in Midtown Manhattan to individuals and groups following a one-of-a-kind teaching approach. Our small-group classes will have you speaking Spanish quickly and developing reading and writing abilities as well. Our proven results are far better than larger language schools, and our methods are vastly better than apps and online Spanish courses.

What is our secret to helping you succeed in learning Spanish? The answer lies in our Natural Conversational Approach (NCA). It’s a method that only we use in its purest form, and we’ve seen it work for students of any age and experience level. Also, our pleasant and knowledgable instructors at SpanishNYC will custom tailor the vocabulary you study to your unique needs and interests. It means no more old-fashioned textbooks nor lists of obtuse vocabulary words you may never use. If you had language classes in high school or college, which you experience with us will be different — and more effective.

Why Do You Learn Spanish Better with Our Natural Conversational Approach?

The NCA is a newer language teaching method rooted in the knowledge that you will learn to speak Spanish by doing it as an active learner. Unlike the large class and textbook methods where students are passive listeners, everyone in our classes is talking, practicing, learning continuously.

Also, because of the class content connecting to your interests, you’ll naturally be more interested in learning the Spanish words for things you like and know. In each lesson, the conversation with your instructor will flow naturally. As you gain vocabulary and grammar, you’ll move from answering and following to sharing the lead in the conversation.

Learning that’s natural is always more effective than when it’s forced. It’s why the experience we’ve had has proven the NCA to be highly effective at teaching Spanish. Our alumni have given high ratings to their language learning experience, and many are corporate executives who needed to learn urgently.

With each student, we begin with a brief interview to find out more about individual needs and expectations. The content for your lessons is developed based on the answers you give, and everything flows smoothly from there.

Does Class Size Matter When You’re Learning a New Language?
Learn Spanish language skills with SpanishNYC's private Spanish classes in NYC. Spanish language school for executives wanting to learn Spanish as a second language in New York City.
Absolutely yes. A number of the New York City Spanish schools that have been around for a long time have larger classes and old textbooks. We know our lessons with six or fewer students are more effective. With a group larger than six, teachers cannot converse with each student sufficiently during class to bring real progress. At SpanishNYC, we provide specialized language instruction for students with high expectations. We keep class sizes small to enable significant student-teacher interaction and facilitate an active, speaking language learning experience. If you’ve ever been in a crowded session where all you did was sit and listen, you know you did not leave having learned much.
Active learning — focused on speaking Spanish — is at the heart of our method to schedule small classes and follow the Natural Conversational Approach. Our instructors will have you speaking and learning from the very first lesson, and they make sure each student has the opportunity to participate. Rapport develops quickly, and conversations flow throughout the lesson with a vocabulary of interest to you. You’ll also more easily pick up grammar using this method as you begin to develop an ear for what is correct. Speaking and language are human endeavors, and no online Spanish class can match the results produced by our private classes.

Why are Apps and Online Spanish Classes Less Effective for Many People?

Motivation is one of the essential factors in learning Spanish. If you’re in the market for lessons, you likely have a personal need. But once you begin learning, if the method fails to keep you engaged, it won’t work. Smartphone apps and online Spanish classes are generally a one-size-fits-all approach. It means they are not specialized to your needs and interests. Vocabulary will be general and quite likely far from words you’ll need, especially if you’re learning for a corporate or business purpose. Many are making wild claims about quick fluency in Spanish that very few would ever achieve using those methods.

Our motto is Spanish classes for game changers
And by it, we mean students who have a strong need and desire to learn. To meet the high expectations of our learners, we have perfected a method and class-size formula that produce superior results. If you’re in NYC, Spanish classes are available in several forms and formats. Of course, do a thorough investigation of each one to determine which feels right to you. But we can assure you based on many experiences that learning in-person in a small-group class with the Natural Conversational Approach provides most people with the highest chance of success.

It’s also an experience you’ll enjoy along the way