interrogative pronouns in Spanish

False cognates- Falsos cognados

False brothers – Falsos hermanos. Spanish False Cognates

Listen to the Spanish podcast on false cognates, pairs of words in the same or different languages that are similar in form and meaning but have different roots Read more

a woman teaching spanish to students in Brooklyn

The verb “tener”, “to have” in Spanish – Idiomatic expressions

The verb “Tener”, “to have” in Spanish, is used in many idiomatic expressions such as:
tener +Read more

Spanish instructor Louis Cardozo in Europe

“Caminar, andar, pasear” To walk in Spanish

Three verbs for the same action? Here’s a tip to learn when to use them.

When you say “CAMINAR” you are speaking about walking with a purpose (normally for pleasure but also to think, to evade from any problem, to do exercise, etc.). Read more

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Univision Interviews Luis Cardozo

From Univision

Mayor Blookberg at home getting tutored in Spanish

Shaping a Mayor’s Spanish, Not His Ideas (The New York Times)

Published: August 4, 2008

Read it at the NYTimes

The men sat at opposite ends of a coffee table speckled with a half-dozen books — on the history of New York’s municipal lawyers, on the subway system’s rich architecture. Their legs stretched out, left foot resting on the right, they were mirror images of disparate worlds: the tutor, an immigrant from Colombia, with his student, the mayor of New York, face to face for 90 minutes in an elegant chamber at City Hall. Read more