Spanish Lessons in NYC for Business & Travel

SpanishNYC is a unique school for language learning offering the most successful Spanish classes NYC has available. Providing you a one-of-a-kind learning process that follows a Natural Conversational Approach (NCA), lessons are provided to individuals and groups needing to learn Spanish thoroughly and effectively. Many students are corporate executives as well as their families who need to learn Spanish for cross-cultural corporate assignments and international living situations. Our instructors follow state-of-the-art methods that you would expect from a high-performing language school. If you soon are doing business with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients, SpanishNYC will assist you with learning practical language skills to communicate smoothly and clearly.

Taking lessons in Spanish will connect you with a world of opportunity.

You’ll begin communicating directly and comfortably with Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, whose numbers tripled between 1990 and 2012. Without a doubt, there is a high demand for proficient Spanish-speaking staff members in all areas of the economy. It is a fact that bilingual corporate professionals who can speak, read, and write in Spanish are hired more quickly than others. Therefore, it is becoming known and accepted that learning Spanish has become an essential skill for greater success.

We are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish to executives, professionals, and corporate groups in New York City. Our one-on-one and group lessons are adapted to your Spanish language needs and schedule. Our mission and highest priority are to teach our students to effectively communicate in professional and social situations as quickly as possible. All of our Spanish workshops, intensive training seminars, and private tutoring are designed to meet your needs effectively.

Spanish Lessons in NYC | The Key to Your Success

The most effective way to learn Spanish is in small groups at your home or our office in New York City,
SpanishNYC is an established language school providing our students with lessons that are relevant to their corporate needs and goals. Virtually all agree that learning Spanish has enabled them to achieve more successful careers. Our clients are better able to apply the Spanish they learn from us in business situations because our approach focuses on each individual’s specific needs and goals.
For example, if public speaking is your goal, we teach you techniques to communicate effectively in Spanish with your audience, with particular attention to the nuances of different countries and cultures. Through interactive and challenging exercises, you’ll develop an ear for how to best communicate with your clients, customers, and international partners.
Our Spanish lessons build your speaking and writing skills and help you understand nuances in intercultural communication. We also hone in on business vocabulary you will need with and tailor-made instruction.
Spanish lessons for corporate learners are specifically designed to be relevant for professionals who are presently conducting business in Spain, Mexico, Latin America, the Philippines, and other crucial Spanish speaking economies.

Customized Lessons in Spanish are Practical and Effective

Our tutors custom design your Spanish lessons to help you start a new career or advance your communications skills along your current career path. If you prefer, you can enroll in private sessions to gain practical language skills faster and more efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of you would pay for Spanish language courses at any college in NYC. Many people doing business in New York City have learned Spanish with us. Today they continue to learn, expand their vocabulary, and apply the knowledge they gained as a result of our NCA method – the Natural Conversational Approach — which is the way we teach Spanish.

From the former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, to top executives in journalism, advertising, banking, and media, to health and legal professionals, our students have a proven track record of success. We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We Teach You Spanish no Matter What Your Need or Purpose


Our approach is to get students closer to the real experiences of working and interacting with Latino businesses, culture, and lifestyles.

We bring students closer to situations where practical Spanish speaking skills can benefit them directly, making the process of learning, speaking, and using Spanish exciting and fun. We work to enhance your business communication skills, providing you with the knowledge to understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish, in any corporate situation, with a high level of success.


Our Spanish lessons are taught with a gentle, reinforcing, and rewarding approach.

All our teachers have themselves had the experience of learning a second language, so they understand how you may sometimes feel rushed or nervous. We start with building confidence in our students, leading them step-by-step to a highly proficient level of speaking. We build up our students’ practical knowledge of the language so that learning can begin immediately.


We always say: “Learning Must Be Fun” — because as an approach to learning Spanish, it works!

Enjoyment is a powerful motivational tool, which directly applies when acquiring new skills and knowledge. Consistency, reinforcement, and revelation lead our students step-by-step toward success in a learning-by-doing and therefore enjoying-by-doing approach.


Do you want to learn how to be conversationally fluent in Spanish at a meeting or on a conference call?

Do you need to learn a specific vocabulary from your field of work to apply to your corporate needs? We can teach you all of this and more. With us, you will also learn how people from different countries negotiate their business with nuance in language. For example, we provide you with the basics of how to express agreement and disagreement, how to write and give speeches, and how to debate in your new language and win!

Learn Spanish in One-on-One Lessons for Executives

Our individualized Spanish courses are designed for professionals from all areas of business who want to acquire the essential skills they need for their line of work. It includes people who are generally trying to improve their language proficiency at work. All our students are taught by a highly qualified native Spanish speakers who have specific knowledge and experience about what business people need to learn for their field.

Whatever your profession – businessman, doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. – we can match you with a SpanishNYC tutor who is experienced in teaching other professionals in your field. When enrolling for lessons, please make sure to notify us in advance of the specific topic you would like to study. It will allow us to customize your classes to maximize your learning potential to capacity.

Our One-of-a-Kind Instructors Make All the Difference

What makes the experience of learning Spanish with us unique is our people. You’ll be learning with instructors who are assigned to you personally. Our language teachers are college educated and from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They are native Spanish instructors with the perfect combination of expertise and skills to teach effectively.

Friendly, calming and patient personalities

College educated, worldly and well traveled

Practical understanding of cultural differences

Excellent command of Spanish grammar and pronunciation

Passion for teaching a second language to adults

Professional experience in corporate and business culture

Our Materials and the Natural Conversational Approach

SpanishNYC class materials come in the form of online lessons and tutorials, books, and also international press, television, cinema, and professional publications.. Our private tutors will help you gain insight from interesting articles, commercials, and film. We use resources from the real world and tailor them to your specific needs and interests so that you can increase your retention level and use your business vocabulary more naturally.
Our Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) to teaching Spanish lessons is a proven and successful method. It consists of applying information and techniques inspired directly by a student’s needs and likes. As our proprietary approach to teaching Spanish, NCA is a combination of principles, techniques, and experience. It is based on the idea that having fun and being interested in learning is the best way to pick up a new language more effectively. We know that everyone learns differently — and we understand how your unique personality requires us to structure each Spanish lesson uniquely so that you achieve success.
A group of Spanish language students learning Spanish as a second language in New York City

We look forward to meeting you!

Our lesson prices are more affordable than college-level Spanish language courses. Contact us, and we will lead you to your goal easily, quickly, and effectively. We will discuss where and what level your Spanish is at this point, then, together, we will design a program that best fits your needs, your budget, and your time-frame. We have helped many professionals like you to travel and conduct business in Spanish. For more 15 years, we have provided our students with new, extraordinarily successful business skills.

For all inquiries, please call us at (646) 861-3533 or email us here

Choose the Class That’s Best for You!

Private Spanish classes in NYC with a personalized one on one conversational approach to learning the Spanish language. Classes in Spanish for executives and business people in Manhattan.

Private Tutoring

Private sessions with a Spanish tutor are the most applauded by our students. Each session lasts 90 minutes and provides the optimal format to get the most out of the Natural Conversational Approach.

Private Spanish classes in NYC for corporations and business people traveling to Spain or Latin America

Corporate Classes

Spanish classes will help your team succeed when your company is opening new markets in Latin America or appealing to cross-cultural audiences. Your courses will be tailored to your unique needs.

Private Spanish language classes in NYC for entrepreneurs looking to do business in Latin America.

Lessons for Families

Learning Spanish together as a family can be important when a corporate job takes you outside the country to live. Children, adults, and teens can learn together in supportive whole-family group sessions.