Spanish Classes for Travelers to Spanish Speaking Countries

If you are looking to learn basic Spanish survival skills for travel to Latin American countries or, if you want to refresh the Spanish language skills you learned at school – and you’d love to be able to hold conversations with Spanish native speakers…

Our specialized tutoring
will prepare you!

Listen and learn Spanish to practice speaking in a private Spanish class in NYC.

Private Spanish Classes for Travelers to Latin America and Spain

Knowing Spanish will help you to better enjoy your trips, learn more about Latino culture and history, and understand the culture of the country you are traveling to from an original point of view. Learning Spanish for travel opens up a better understanding for visitors to South & Central America. Whether you are traveling to Mexico, Colombia, Argentina or Spain, learning conversational Spanish opens up further learning about geography, Latin American & Spanish traditions, regional music, authentic cuisine and everything else that the Latino world potentially holds for you.

Our Exclusive Spanish Tutoring Method: Conversational Spanish for Travelers

At SpanishNYC, we will teach you Spanish with our exclusive NCA, Natural Conversational Approach, to help you start speaking Spanish, before you travel to Spain or Latin America, from the very first minute of your first class. By combining real life situations with learning a new language, you will become immersed into the Spanish world immediately, learning new words and the most commonly used Spanish sentences, so that you will be prepared to use them naturally whenever you travel.

Private Spanish lessons for travellers NYC Picture of Latin American Catholic Church from the rooftop in Cartegena, Colombia.
With a private Spanish tutor you will learn about Latin food and culture while in NYC.

Why Learn Conversational Spanish with one of our Experienced Private Tutors?

Our tutors come from different backgrounds and different countries. Each tutor is college educated and has traveled extensively throughout Spain and Latin America. Our tutors know the subtle differences in word usage as it varies from Latino country and region.

For example, the Spanish word that means ‘hat’ in Colombia may mean a female body part in Argentina, the verb “coger” as in ‘coger el autobús” is a dirty word in Mexico, and ‘pato’ means duck in most of the Latino world, but means homosexual in Puerto Rico. Let’s not even talk about slang phrases just yet, as they vary extensively depending on the Latino country you are traveling to.

How Improving your Spanish makes your Travels more than just a Trip

If you plan on staying for longer periods in Spain, Central or South America, it may be necessary to take beginner Spanish lessons before traveling. And if you have already visited a Spanish-speaking country before, and have achieved a proficiency at intermediate or advanced Spanish levels of speaking, our conversational language lessons will make your progress and improvement that much more enjoyable.

Actually, some of our students combine our Specialized Private Tutoring for Travelers Course with a week or 10 days a year living in Mexico, Spain or any Latin American country. This strategy creates a motivation in students where they get excited about traveling and discovering of all the benefits that learning a new language brings, while learning other aspects to ways of living on the planet.

Contact us today and let us lead you into this wonderful process of Spanish language immersion

Pick the best time and day for us to come to you and then give us a call. We will make sure that you will achieve your goals. Spanish is a beautiful language. We will make sure you feel the satisfaction of learning by enjoying each lesson with our experienced and committed Spanish instructors