Your Classes

It’s All About You

From day one, you are empowered to take real life action over the Spanish Language.

Your classes are custom-tailored to provide the best learning experience. We will form our calendar around yours to ensure you will receive the best attention in the location and time that suits you best.

Private Sessions

In our private sessions you will enjoy focused attention and interaction in a comfortable setting.

Our professional, knowledgeable and personable teachers identify your specific goals, your background in languages, your natural strengths and weaknesses to develop the best program for you. The basis of our method is rooted in the understanding of you as an individual. That’s why we combine the best instructors and class setting to make your learning enjoyable and effective.


Your workforce will learn quickly, enjoy the process and, in turn, help your company grow.

If your company is opening new markets in Spanish-speaking emerging economies, we will craft the best program to help your team achieve your goals. From placement tests, to group assemblage, to students performance report; our program will contribute to a successful business through a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking world.


A family that learns together stays together.

The Index of Human Development ranks Spanish as the second most important language in the world, with more people speaking it at home in the US than in Spain. We will take real family dynamics and tutor your children and other family members to ensure their mastery over the Spanish language and its many cultures.